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I had to switch around my Super Admins. I did it through the MySQL tables directly.

I now have 1 official Super Admin for my network (which is what I want & need) but WordPress shows that I have 2 Super Admins:

All (71) | Super Admins (2)

Where does WP store the SA count or the list of SA's?

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It's stored in the main site options table, under the "site_admins" key.

Edit: As pointed out in the comments, the "site options" table in multisite is actually named PREFIX_sitemeta, like "wp_sitemeta". It's referred to as a site option internally, like get_site_option('site_admins').

To adjust this without editing the database content directly, you could do this:

$capes = get_site_option('site_admins');
// $capes is an array of the super admin usernames, adjust it as needed
// then save it back like so:
set_site_option('site_admins', $capes);
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I looked @Otto, but I do not have a site_admins key in the options table –  H. Ferrence Feb 6 at 21:25
Then you don't have any super-admins. ;) That is the only place the list of super admins is stored. Make sure you're checking the SITE options table, not just the options table for one of the individual blogs. –  Otto Feb 6 at 21:30
I have 107 sites in the network. the table naming convention is wp_999_*. The only group of tables with *_users is wp_users and every user in my network is in this table. So I am assuming the the naming convention for my main site is wp_* without any number attached to it. Thanks @Otto. –  H. Ferrence Feb 6 at 21:31
It's not in {$prefix}_options in my test installation; it's in {$prefix}_sitemeta. –  Pat J Feb 6 at 21:31
Yes, okay, sitemeta then. In the WordPress code, this is called site_options. Stupid terminology. –  Otto Feb 6 at 21:33

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