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I have a Ubuntu 12.10 x64 server running Nginx + MySQL, i've installed everything and my wordpress site is perfect.

But, at the moment i installed W3 Total Cache, i got an error from Minify which blinked fast.

The W3 panel says everything its ok, but when i load the site, it appears that it didnt loaded the JS and CSS minified.

I have to enter FTP credentials on my wordpress when i want to update some plugin or the core. I've heard that it does have something related, like my php user (www-data user?) doesnt have permissions to write.

My www-data user group has permissions to write on all my wordpress site, chmod 775.

I've tried to chmod 777 the cache folder without success. The site just doesnt create the minified files

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This may or may not be an appropriate question for this site, but for now you will have to provide more information-- starting with debugging information –  s_ha_dum Feb 5 at 14:19
Also, have a look at this config or this how-to that are both meant for this type of setup –  NW Tech Feb 5 at 18:29

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