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I am trying to merge my multisite child sites to parent site. One of my blog (child site) is gallery based site and most of the post has wordpress media gallery attached to it. I have exported from the child site using wordpress export tool and imported using wordpress import tool. Import got failed at many times due to time out...finally one fine day that got imported, I have move all the media from child to parent (uploads folder) using c-panel, corrected urls. All feature image showing up, NextGen Gallary showing up but missing is images attached to post using wordpress media gallery.

I am wonder if there is way to export media details and able to import so that all the media attachment information will be up again. Another thing what I notice is, post id are changing after importing to parent id, please please provide a solution.

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Did you check if the images still have the same ID's? Usually they won't. As the Gallery is called by Media ID's, this could be the problem. –  fischi Feb 4 '14 at 20:57

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