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There are a ton of questions asked on Multisite domain mapping but none I can find with an answer that works for me. I am using subdirectories. Here is my configuration:

(1) Root non-www:           mysite.com              (works - non-www by default)
(2) Root          www: www.mysite.com              (works - redirects to mysite.com)
(3) Subsite     www: www.mysite.com/subsite (works - www by default)
(4) Subs non-www:          mysite.com/subsite (broken - redirects to 404 error)

I have tried adding code in .htaccess and in wp-config.php. Either way I can fix (4) but this creates an indefinite loop in the root site, breaking (1) and/or (2). This is because the root is non-www and the subsites are www. Is there a conditional statement for .htaccess that can fix this? Or is it better to address domain mapping via wp-config.php?

I also looked at the MU Domain Mapping plugin, but it asks subsite-users to set-up a DNS ANAME or CNAME. This is too complicated for my users - the redirect needs to be automatic.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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