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I am using the "breadcrumb-navxt" plugin and have following issue:

I have a page and some posts in that page. When I go to that page and selects a post to display as single post the breadcrumb shows


which is what I need, but when I hover over the link on 'pagename' it shows 'category/postname' which should be 'pagename'.

I found the following piece of code in class.bcn_breadcrumb.php file which might be generating the category of post but don't know what to replace it with;

    //Figure out the anchor for current category
    $breadcrumb->set_url(get_term_link($term, $term->taxonomy));
    //Get parents of current category
        $this->term_parents($term->parent, $term->taxonomy);

I need to change category/postname to pagename.

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As far as I can see that, that's specific to the plugin, but not to wordpress? – kaiser Jan 31 '14 at 11:41
Change the structure in your Permalink settings. This question relates to a plugin which is off topic as not specific to WordPress. – Brad Dalton Jan 31 '14 at 13:03

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