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I'm trying to display the following items in the sidebar of posts:

  • Post Author avatar
  • Their name (link to buddypress profile)
  • Send them a private message
  • Add them as a friend

I have tried a few different things to no avail. Can somebody help point me in the right direction?

EDIT: More details: I am not using a buddypress specific theme and the post displayed does not include any of the buddypress loops or templates so I am guessing the buddypress and other various global variables would need to be called. The post is a custom post type as well although I doubt that interferes with fetching the author ID in any way.

I just need to use the post author's ID to output the post author's buddypress name (linking to buddypress profile), avatar and the send message and add friend links in the sidebar.

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Please edit your question to display your relevant code and where you are stuck. As written it is too broad to receive an accurate answer. –  Rachel Baker Jan 30 at 21:53
added a bit more information, hope this helps, thanks! –  AdamBarry Jan 30 at 22:13
Figured this out, I'll post when I have some more time incase anyone is stuck with the same problem –  AdamBarry Jan 31 at 15:59

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