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Hi i'm using custom post types with multiple WYSIWYG fields, on click of update it's redirecting me to wp-admin/post.php (no page found). After making multiple attempts my server blocked my ip and sent me the reason below,

Kindly check the logs and above path with your developer and take necessary action to avoid this in future.

[Tue Jan 28 10:46:37 2014] [error] [client] Match of "rx ((?:submit(?:\\\\+| )?(request)?(?:\\\\+| )?>+|<<(?:\\\\+| )remove|(?:sign ?in|log ?
(?:in|out)|next|modifier|envoyer|add|continue|weiter|account|results|select)?(?:\\\\+| )?>+)$|^< ?\\\\??(?: |\\\\+)?xml|^<samlp|^>> ?$)" against "ARGS:wpcf[sponsors]" required.
[data "/post.php"] [severity "CRITICAL"] [hostname "site.com"] [uri "/wp-admin/post.php"]

did anyone know what's the issue is ?

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