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I'm making a WordPress site using the Thesis framework. It has a widgetized footer area. I expect to be changing all the font styles frequently and don't want to have to change them in a few places every time to make the footer widget styles match the body styles. Does anyone know how I can make the footers styles (h3, text, li, a href) be automatically inherited from what I've set for the body styles?


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The footer is a child of the body element. It does already inherit all the styles. Find and remove all the styles which are ruling out the inherited styles.
Tools like Firebug or Dragonfly will help you to find these rules.

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Oh, brilliant. No wonder I was starting to tear my hair out over this: Thesis puts the main formatting in a style.css and layout.css, and then all "custom" changes, additions and subtractions should be put in custom.css. We're told only to edit the custom.css (and custom_functions.php) to make any and all changes. I'd prefer to adhere to the intended structure by only changing the custom files. Any chance you can think of how I can do that? – gesher Mar 26 '11 at 17:54
I don’t own Thesis. How does it reference the style.css? If it is using get_stylesheet_uri(); you can add a filter to 'stylesheet_uri' and replace the URI with your stripped version. – toscho Mar 27 '11 at 0:04

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