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I've been working with a clean WP download on my local host. I was uploading images and other files with the Media Admin Panel without changing any permissions. Suddenly, I see that I can't upload files anymore, and it seems to be a permissions problem, because I've tried with 777 permissions and it's working. So I've read about it at Changing_File_Permissions. And I've found out that all files (and folders) must have FTP user as owner, but I have not any FTP access in my local host. And don't understand why it should work. Is not the user the server user www-data also when accessing with Admin Panel? I know that the user has some rules for the DB management, but not for files! Anyway, I've tried creating a new user in my local host named like the WP user, but neither works. And I can't understand how could it work before. Any suggestion?

The only way I see is to change permissions on upload folder every time that I want to upload a file, but It would be a time wasting.

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