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I'm trying to get the stylesheet of the currently active admin color scheme to style a plugin to fit into the color context.

As mentioned in this post I had a look at the implementation of admin_color_scheme_picker() in wp-admin/includes/misc.php:564. They use a global variable called $_wp_admin_css_colors but when I try to access (var_dump()) it, it's NULL.

Is there any way to access to actual CSS code?

Why is the global variable NULL? I did a grep -n '$_wp_admin_css_colors' -r . and couldn't find any line where it gets destroyed...


I see it wasn't clear what I exactly want. I don't want to access the actual CSS code, but the color codes that gets parsed into CSS. In wp-includes/general-template.php:2117 the default themes are registered like this:

wp_admin_css_color( 'fresh', _x( 'Default', 'admin color scheme' ),
    admin_url( "css/colors$suffix.css" ),
    array( '#222', '#333', '#0074a2', '#2ea2cc' ),
    array( 'base' => '#999', 'focus' => '#2ea2cc', 'current' => '#fff' )

And I'd like to access the variables like this in PHP. Copying the definition is not an option, since other plugins and themes could add their theme themselves.

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I actually made it!

In my script file, at the to I define a new variable and copy the $_wp_admin_css_colors variable into it using the admin_head hook, since the variable gets destroyed at some later point:

    global $admin_colors; // only needed if colors must be available in classes
    add_action('admin_head', function() {
        global $_wp_admin_css_colors;
        global $admin_colors; // only needed if colors must be available in classes
        $admin_colors = $_wp_admin_css_colors;

    // more script content...
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The color scheme is stored as user meta:

$color = get_user_meta(get_current_user_id(), 'admin_color', true);

However, the CSS file seems to be generated when having chosen another scheme.

So you just need this:

$admin_css_file = wp_admin_css_uri('css/colors');
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Please re-read my answer, I clarified, what I really wanted :) – Julian F. Weinert Jan 23 '14 at 17:33

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