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I installed Wordpress in the subdirectory /blog/ and I created all the website there, then instead of moving all the wp files in the root I followed http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory to have wp accessible from the root.

The structure of my website is:

  • mywebsite.com
  • mywebsite.com/work/
  • mywebsite.com/blog/
  • mywebsite.com/food/

/work/, /blog/ and /food/ are 3 custom page templates that show a list of posts with a specific category.

Everything works great, but I found out that the old website structure was still visible from google and even accessible:

  • mywebsite.com/blog/
  • mywebsite.com/blog/work/
  • mywebsite.com/blog/blog/
  • mywebsite.com/blog/food/

As you can see one of the section of my new website was blog, so I moved Wordpress from /blog/ to /wp/.

The problem remains, in fact now if I type mywebsite.com/blog/ or mywebsite.com/wp/ I can see in both the link the homepage, but I want only the actual structure to appear.

I created and sent via google webmaster tools the new xml sitemap but it seems that the old structure is still visible on google search, and I cannot delete the mywebsite.com/blog/... with Google URL Removal because it says to me that there's content in there.

What could I do?

Could one solution be to redirect mywebsite.com/wp/ to mywebsite.com? But there is still the problem of mywebsite.com/blog/ that I cannot redirect because one of my sections is /blog/, and /blog/work/, /blog/blog/ and /blog/food/ shouldn't exist anymore because I changed the folder in /wp/, instead I can see them...

I'm sorry if a similar post exists, English is not my first language so maybe I haven't used the right words to search in google/stackexchange.

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