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I have a multisite installation and I have the following sites:

  1. Root(site path: /)
  2. Root English(site path: /en)
  3. About(site path:/about)
  4. *About English(site path: /en/about) *

The problem is with 4, I can't get the path to work. This is a multilingual setup and I want to have example.com/about and example.com/en/about or example.com/about/en.

Any ideas?

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Add a line of code in wp-config.php.

Code is:

define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
  • Now refresh your dashboard and see in TOOLS a new option is there as Network Setup.
  • Click on it and install it.
  • It give you code to write in two files i.e. wp-config.php and .htaccess write it and again login. You will see a network option in My Sites, click it and then you can make multisites.
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Sorry for not explaining, I have a multisite installation and it works fine. I can create multiple sites. The problem is with the specific path-site, I wan to create. – ObeyDigital Jan 22 '14 at 12:50

Ok this is what I was looking for http://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate/. This plugins adds the URL Modification I need for the multilingual setup i was looking for. You can choose between the following:

  1. Use Query Mode (?lang=en)
  2. Use Pre-Path Mode (Default, puts /en/ in front of URL)
  3. Use Pre-Domain Mode (uses http://en.yoursite.com)
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