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I'm using map meta cap to allow extra permissions (edit/publish/edit_others/read_private/edit_private) if the user and post share a category.

Comparing revisions doesn't work beyond the first comparison for a pending post if the user type is author or lower. The same user can view all the compare revisions if the post is either published, or if their role is changed to at least Editor, meaning they can only view edit because of map meta cap.

The user has the ability to view one set, and if I get the changed url from a user who can see all the revisions, I can view that set, but am unable to switch between using the javascript slider/buttons. It just says "Sorry, something went wrong. The requested comparison could not be loaded."

I'm wondering if there is a capability I need to change in order to have my custom role be able to view all the revisions, javascript I need to change to take into account the map meta cap, or if there is something else going on.

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