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I am building a plugin and I would like to be able to hide the wordpress admin side menu and top bar when a specific page is shown(or menu item clicked)?

Should I call the jquery directly as a script on the plugin page's code, or is there a way I can execute the jquery when the page is loading, or menu item is clicked from a hooked function with ajax or something similar? Here is the jquery I wan't to run:

$("#wpadminbar, #adminmenuwrap").hide();
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How are you enqueueing your Plugin's script(s)? Please post all relevant code, in context. – Chip Bennett Jan 13 '14 at 20:59
If all you're using is .hide() then maybe it makes sense to just do it via CSS. – Chief Alchemist Jan 14 '14 at 1:45
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You'll need to get the screen id on the screen (or page) in question using get_current_screen()


Then, hook into it with the following:

function my_script_function() {
    if ( strpos( get_current_screen()->id, 'screen_id' ) !== false ) {
        wp_enqueue_script( 'my_javascript_handle', 'path/to/my/script.js', 'jquery', '1.0' );
add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'my_script_function' );

This will enqueue your script properly in the WordPress system along with jQuery core (just in case it isn't already there).

http://digwp.com/2009/06/including-jquery-in-wordpress-the-right-way/ has a good overview of using jQuery in WordPress. Please note that by default though you can't use $ to call jQuery as it is in safe mode (the article will show you how to change it from having to use jQuery.

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Thank you Chris, this works exactly as needed. I appreciate it. – user1632018 Jan 15 '14 at 23:36

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