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I'm using the qTranslate plugin to enable multiple languages on a WordPress blog. My question is actually made up of three different questions that may or may not be connected, listed below:

  • How should I use #anchors in my theme in a way that I can jump to sections both on the same page (e.g. example.com/#products) and on other pages (e.g. example.com/contacts#map) and keep the selected language on? I'm using a pretty permalink structure. What I'm trying to know here is the best way to use #anchors with qTranslate, in all possible scenarios.

  • I'm hardcoding navigation links (e.g. <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/about">About</a> and <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/#footer">Details</a>), but qTranslate isn't appending the selected language to the URL. What should I do to make my hardcoded links work with qTranslate?

  • All my product titles look great in the default language. Although when I switch the language and hit products with no translations available, there's an e.g. (English) keyword appended to the title. In this case, it's always the default language name showing up. How can I remove this language name in a way that the original titles always show up the same, no matter the language used (I never translate titles anyway)?

I'm wrapping all these questions in one single thread because I have no idea if they're related or not, so apologies in advance for the mess. So, any suggestions?

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I have the same issue. I'm gonna try something like this in the link:


insetead of the normal:


..if it won't work I suppose I'm gonna need to hack the qTranslate :(

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Thank you for your first post! Please be sure to include solutions to your answer, or use the comments if it is just a clarification. –  fischi Feb 6 at 8:58

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