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Ok, I have an archive loop.

In this loop I have this...

<?php if ( has_term('race') ) { ?>
   <strong class="archive-event"><?php the_title($event); ?></strong>
<?php } ?>

But it does no show whats anything!?

And I have these terms assigned to the post...

  • Tax: report-type Term: race
  • Tax: season-year Term: motogp-2013

My question is why does this not return nothing? Or what function should I be using to display something (in the loop) if the post has the term assigned to it?

Weirdly this works...

<?php if ( has_term('race', 'report-type', $post->ID )) { ?>
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I suspect that the Codex information for has_term() is incorrect:

<?php has_term( $term, $taxonomy, $post ) ?>

And for the $taxonomy parameter:

$taxonomy (string) (optional) Taxonomy name Default: ''

But if you look at the source for has_term():

$r = is_object_in_term( $post->ID, $taxonomy, $term );

So, $taxonomy is passed to is_object_in_term():

<?php is_object_in_term( $object_id, $taxonomy, $terms = null ) ?>

Which says for the $taxonomy parameter:

$taxonomy (string) (required) A single taxonomy name. Default: None

(A look at source for is_object_in_term() confirms that the $taxonomy parameter is required, and will result in returning false if not passed.)

So, it would appear that failing to pass $taxonomy to has_term() will result in has_term() returning false.

It appears that the source inline docs have been updated accordingly:

* @param string|int|array $term Optional. The term name/term_id/slug or array of them to check for.
* @param string $taxonomy Taxonomy name
* @param int|object $post Optional. Post to check instead of the current post.
* @return bool True if the current post has any of the given tags (or any tag, if no tag specified).

The $taxonomy parameter is no longer listed as Optional.

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Note: I've updated the Codex entry for has_term() accordingly. – Chip Bennett Jan 7 '14 at 18:03
Thanks chip for such useful insight on this. +1 – Joshc Jan 8 '14 at 0:07

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