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I need to insert a post via wp_insert_post and then add relevant post_meta - however, the WP admin has been customized with the excellent ACF.

I know I can add_post_meta in this way:

add_post_meta( $post_id, 'q_key_type', $q_key_type );

However, to make ACF happy, it's required to also use the "update_field" function - like so:

update_field( "field_52c737a413e07", $q_key_type, $post_id );

This method works fine, but I can't get a Taxonomy object to register correctly - I can get the value to save using add_post_meta - when I view the new post it does not recognise the Taxonomy - the value is empty, but in the postmeta table the value is stored correctly - what is missing is the correct field recognition.

I can save fields of the type "Text" and "User" correctly using these two methods.

Here is an image of two rows in the post_meta table - the first two are created by acf - the last two manually - they appear to be formatted identically:

enter image description here

I can only find one other reference to the same field name in the post_meta table - it contains an array with the following data - which seems to be the field set-up for acf:

Array (
    [key] => field_52c737a413e07
    [label] => Type
    [name] => q_key_type
    [type] => taxonomy
    [instructions] => 
    [required] => 0
    [taxonomy] => q_key_type
    [field_type] => select
    [allow_null] => 0
    [load_save_terms] => 1
    [return_format] => object
    [conditional_logic] => Array (
        [status] => 0
        [rules] => Array (
            [0] => Array (
                [field] => null
                [operator] => ==
                [value] => 
        [allorany] => all
[order_no] => 3

So, the question is - where else is ACF saving the taxonomy data - I can't find anything in the terms tables?

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Should I be doing this with codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_set_object_terms ? –  Q Studio Jan 5 '14 at 21:09

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I do need to add both post_meta:

add_post_meta( $insert_q_key_id, 'q_key_type', (int)$q_key_type ); // Q Key Type

And for ACF:

update_field( "field_52c737a413e07", (int)$q_key_type, $insert_q_key_id ); // Q Key Type

And the rest of the answer "should" be covered by wp_set_object_terms:

wp_set_object_terms( $insert_q_key_id, (int)$q_key_type, 'q_key_type', true );

However, this function is not fully available at the point I need it - so the answer was to create a simple replacement for this function:

     * simple wp_set_object_terms replacement as not available during API call
     * @since       0.4
     * @global      Object      $wpdb
     * @param       integer     $object_id
     * @param       integer     $tt_id
     * @return      Mixed       Integer of inserted row on success | Boolean false
    public function q_wp_set_object_terms( $object_id = null, $tt_id = null )

        if ( ! $object_id || ! $tt_id ) { return false; }

        global $wpdb; 

        if ( $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->term_relationships, array( 'object_id' => (int)$object_id, 'term_taxonomy_id' => (int)$tt_id ) ) ) {

            return $wpdb->insert_id;


        // if not ##
        return false;


Which I can call using a static class instance ( as the method is part of a separate class in my case... ):

Q_Key::q_wp_set_object_terms ( $insert_q_key_id, (int)$q_key_type );
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4 hours looking for a solution, yours works! Thank you very much!!!! –  Louis XIV Feb 20 at 1:22

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