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So here is what I'm wondering...

You all know about Option-tree and similar frameworks that theme authors are using for their theme option pages. You also all know that since 3.4 WordPress introduced their Customization API. Obviously they will want theme authors to use it instead of the frameworks metnioned. And obviously this will be the good way, since it's native.

However, their is one issue... WP Customizer doesn't provide enough space. Imagine you have options such as these:

enter image description here

I can think of a way to import all of them into the Customizer... that also goes for social links, layout options, background pattern options and so on...

One way I can think of is creating separate admin pages for these... but if you get that approach chances are that you will end up with few different pages for your options.. and that will surely confuse guys using your theme.

So what we should do?

Please, let me know your thoughts.

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