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I used rtMedia plugin in my buddypress site. I used the short code <?php echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_gallery global="true" media_type="all" count="4" loadmore="false"]'); ?> to dispaly media gallery items. But the count and load more not working. It shows more than 4 items now. How to fix this?

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As of now rtMedia Gallery shortcode rtmedia_gallery, doesn't support count as it's attribute.

In order to limit the number of media, you have to change the media count from rtMedia Settings. Here is the screenshot:

enter image description here

You just need to set a desired value for media items in the input.

Also you can directly ask rtMedia related questions on the support forum for plugin, it's quite active.

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Thanks for your reply. –  lifeline Jan 2 at 6:10
Do you got it working? –  sven Jan 2 at 6:15
Yes it works. If i used the short code in more than one place i need a solution to change the count of items to display. –  lifeline Jan 2 at 6:29
You can request a feature at the support forum, and also mark it as answer –  sven Jan 2 at 6:32

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