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I have a simple pop up form code written in javascript. It is in js/script.js folder inside themes folder.

I am using jquery ajax method to communicate with a php file to store data in db.

The php file is in themes folder. Also i would like to use the wordpress functions in that php file.

The display of pop up and form works fine. But when i submit it, i get 404 error. I am confused as to how to tell wordpress to include this php file.


EDIT: I could make the jquery code work by giving the full URL to the php file. However, now i want to be able to use the wp functins in that php file.

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Using WP functions from your own PHP file is a different question - so ask it separately. Also, do a search here, there have been plenty of questions about how to include WP functions in separate PHP files. – anu Mar 23 '11 at 13:15

If you want to able to use the WordPress functions the your ajax call should be to the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php and you should use wp_ajax hook,

take a look at What's the preferred method of writing AJAX-enabled plugins? I posted a nice example of how to do that there.

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