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Very simple Question: Here is my get_categories() code:

<?php $args = array(
                        'show_option_all'   => '',
                        'show_option_none'  => '',
                        'orderby'           => 'ID',
                        'order'             => 'ASC',
                        'show_count'        => 0,
                        'hide_empty'        => 0,
                        'exclude'           => '1',
                        'hierarchical'      => 0,
                        'depth'             => 1,
                        'number'            => 12

<?php $categories = get_categories( $args ); ?>
                    <div class="middle-left">
                            <?php for( $i=0; $i<4; $i++ ) {
                                echo "<li>" . $categories[$i]->{'name'} . "</li>";
                            } ?>
                    <div class="middle-middle">
                            <?php for( $i=4; $i<8; $i++ ) {
                                echo "<li>" . $categories[$i]->{'name'} . "</li>";
                            } ?>
                    <div class="middle-right">
                            <?php for( $i=8; $i<12; $i++ ) {
                                echo "<li>" . $categories[$i]->{'name'} . "</li>";
                            } ?>

After a long search I got the way how to get into the stdClass object without foreach loop and I want to proceed with this way. But I want only the top level categories, no subcats.

How can I modify the argument here?

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downvoted because the Codex codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_categories should have given you the answer – Michael Dec 29 '13 at 0:01
@Michael Can't downvote your comment. :( If so, you failed to point that out, I'm afraid. :( – Mayeenul Islam Dec 29 '13 at 6:32
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Use get_terms with a parent argument. From the Codex page for that function, emphasis mine:

parent (integer) Get direct children of this term (only terms whose explicit parent is this value). If 0 is passed, only top-level terms are returned. Default is an empty string.

Untested, but this should do it.

$categories = get_terms( 
   array('parent' => 0)

Of course, you need to add any other arguments you require.

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Tested now. Nice solution. Thanks. :) – Mayeenul Islam Dec 29 '13 at 7:02

set parent to 0

$args = array(
  'parent' => 0,
  'hide_empty' => 0
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