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I am trying to use SMOF Options Framework in a plugin and i have this problem. SMOOF use this constants to get theme directory url:

if( !defined('ADMIN_PATH') )
    define( 'ADMIN_PATH', get_template_directory() . '/admin/' );
if( !defined('ADMIN_DIR') )
    define( 'ADMIN_DIR', get_template_directory_uri() . '/admin/' );

But i want to use SMOF in a plugin, not in theme, how can i get the plugin directory url? What to put in order to get_template_directory() and get_template_directory_uri() to use it in a plugin?

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Use plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ); for the URL and plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ); for the path.

Pass the plugin’s main file to both functions to get similar results.

Besides that, ADMIN_PATH and ADMIN_DIR are really poor names for custom code. They might result in collisions with other code in the future. Try to use better names, something with a unique prefix.

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