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I am working with a WordPress site and am having all sorts of problems since I'm running it on SFTP. I've updated my wp-config.php file so I can authenticate plugins and updates but WordPress is still having trouble doing a lot of different things on the site because of file permission issues.

First off, the file permissions are set like every other WordPress site I've worked on (folders at 775 and files at 664. For some reason, though, it can't access certain files (I have a feeling it's why my permalinks keep breaking when I try to update them).

I've gone into Cyberduck and done the standard update to the file permissions but it always immediately reverts right back to the 775 and 664. I was just trying to set them to 777 to see if it would alleviate the problem but I can't even do that.

Is there a reason my WordPress site can't read files that are on an SSH server? Thanks for your help (I wasn't really sure if I should post this here or in the WordPress forum since it deals with a couple issues...).

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