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How and were do I change the size on the sticky post images and the other images in the theme twentyfourteen?

I would like 8 sticky post images on the "front page" instead of 6 and I want them in a more portrait format so that I can use all my old images on my current blog (600x850px). I like the theme but all my old images are not suitable for the format.

I really can't find the sizes anywhere.

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Well, that was... interesting. In a nutshell there seem to be two things in play here:

  • max_posts set to 6 in add_theme_support( 'featured-content'
  • quantity set to default 6 in Featured_Content class

quantity defines how many posts there are, but can be no larger than max_posts. However while result can be pushed down by changing max_posts it cannot be pushed up since there doesn't seem to be clean way provided for changing quantity. If I read code accurately it was either meant to be input in Customizer or was there and got removed.

So to change both, this is closest to sane I could come up with on Sunday evening:

        function () {
                            'featured_content_filter' => 'twentyfourteen_get_featured_posts',
                            'max_posts'               => 8,

        function ( $array ) {
            if ( ! empty( $array ) && is_array( $array ) ) {
                $array['quantity'] = 8;

            return $array;

Note that posts set is cached in transient, so need to re-save it with Customizer for new count to apply.

As for size - thumbnail size is used for grid version of it, see content-featured-post.php.

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The two image sizes are defined in the theme's functions.php file:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 672, 372, true );
add_image_size( 'twentyfourteen-full-width', 1038, 576, true );
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Add your own custom sizes or modify the values for the existing sizes.

You can use this code which includes a parameter to hard crop your images in different positions:

add_image_size( 'custom-size', 220, 220, array( 'left', 'top' ) ); // Hard crop left top
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