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is it possible to hide the string: "Comments are disabled" from everywhere?

I mean also from posts list, and post page :)

Thanks :)


sorry, the theme is Journal Cruch by Site5.com

However I resolved using

if (comments_open())

where the comments are displayed, but I don't like too much this solution :)

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I guess you can add this string in nearly every thinkable way, so: no.... unless you delete everything per hand. – kaiser Mar 22 '11 at 17:30
To which theme are you referring? I don't have that text any longer with twenty ten in trunk. – hakre Mar 22 '11 at 18:06
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Popup link takes five parameters.

comments_popup_link('No Comments','One Comment','Many Comments','CSSclass','Comments Disabled');

So you are on to the correct solution. Now just change the above strings to whatever you want them to be for each # of comments. Finally change 'Comments Disabled' to just ''. Or perhaps ' ' if it requires you to put something in there.

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You can also hide it via css, something like: .comments_closed p { display: none; }

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Try editing theme files and remove the php comments links, or add CSS to display:none to the comments div in your style sheet. But no one can help specifically unless you post some code.

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