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I'm using the Jetpack for Wordpress to produce a JSON API for my Events custom post type, which works fine:


However, this CPT also includes quite a few Post Meta Fields generated by Custom Meta Boxes and Fields for Wordpress. These fields include things like:

  • _ecmb_supporting_bands
  • _ecmb_tickets_avail
  • _ecmb_event_agelim

And by default these fields aren't returned by the JSON API... I've tried to run queries like:


Or without quotes around the meta key: https://public-api.wordpress.com/rest/v1/sites/MYSITE/posts/?type=events&number=100&meta_key=_ecmb_supporting_bands

Unfortunately this doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can return these custom meta fields in my JSON response?

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From the documentation:

According to the JetPack JSON API docs:

By default, all metadata keys are allowed in the API, as long as they are not protected keys. Any metadata key that starts with _ is by default protected. Protected metadata keys can, however, be accessed and edited by users with the edit_post_meta (used for editing and viewing), add_post_meta and delete_post_meta capabilities as appropriate for each operation. We’ve also added a filter rest_api_allowed_public_metadata that allows you to specifically whitelist certain metadata keys to be accessed by any user, even if that key is protected.

so the rest_api_allowed_public_metadata filter is what you are looking for.

From the source code:

If you check the JetPack's source code, you will find this part:

    function is_metadata_public( $key ) {
            if ( empty( $key ) )
                    return false;

            // whitelist of post types that can be accessed
            if ( in_array( $key, apply_filters( 'rest_api_allowed_public_metadata', array() ) ) )
                    return true;

            return false;

in the file class.json-api-endpoints.php.

You can also check out the allow_bbpress_public_metadata() function here to see how to implement this rest_api_allowed_public_metadata filter.


Here is a similar example for your case:

 * Whitelist protected meta keys
 * @param array $allowed_meta_keys 
 * @return array $allowed_meta_keys 
function custom_rest_api_allowed_public_metadata( $allowed_meta_keys )
    // only run for REST API requests
    if ( ! defined( 'REST_API_REQUEST' ) || ! REST_API_REQUEST )
        return $allowed_meta_keys;

    $allowed_meta_keys[] = '_ecmb_supporting_bands';
    $allowed_meta_keys[] = '_ecmb_tickets_avail';
    $allowed_meta_keys[] = '_ecmb_event_agelim';

    return $allowed_meta_keys;

add_filter( 'rest_api_allowed_public_metadata', 'custom_rest_api_allowed_public_metadata' );

with the JSON output similar to this one:

            {"id":"196709","key":"_ecmb_supporting_bands","value":"The Rolling Stones"}, 
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In addition to @birgire reply, placing the filter code somewhere can be tricky:

  • If you place it under your theme's "functions.php" file, a theme update could overwrite your code
  • Writing a plugin for just adding a filter is a lot of fuzz

This is why what I did was to use the following plugin that allows you to write your custom actions and filters within Wordpress admin panel without having to worry about losing it. http://wordpress.org/plugins/add-actions-and-filters/ .

I had the same problem than you and after including the filter now it works like a charm.

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