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I use a different theme named Team Talk (Premium). Since I use this theme, I don't receive the new comment notification by email. I don't know where to look at but I found this in my new theme :

function get_content_html_for_comment($comment){
    $comment_html  = "";
    // Get the comment data
    //switch on the output buffer
    // Allow the email to the author to be sent
    wp_notify_postauthor($comment_ID, $comment->comment_type);
    $max_depth = get_option('thread_comments_depth');
    $args = array ('max_depth' => $max_depth);
    //render the content to the output buffer
    //call _ht_comment 
    echo _ht_comment($comment, $args, $this->calculate_comment_depth($comment));
    //the content will now be in the buffer, so get that
    $comment_html = ob_get_contents();
    //restore buffer
    return $comment_html;

So, it seems to allow to receive notification but it doesn't work.

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Have you contacted the theme author? – Andrew Bartel Dec 17 '13 at 18:37
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I do not see the $comment_ID variable having any value in your code. So try by changing the following code

wp_notify_postauthor($comment_ID, $comment->comment_type);


wp_notify_postauthor($comment->comment_ID, $comment->comment_type);

You can also remove $comment->comment_type as per codex

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You are my hero – Noob Dec 17 '13 at 19:52

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