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I'm using this script to not show title on a specific page

<?php if (get_the_ID() != 50){ ?>

Now I need to add another page:

<?php if ((get_the_ID() != 50) || (get_the_ID() != 317)){ ?>

But it's not working.

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Try -

<?php if ((get_the_ID() != 50) && (get_the_ID() != 317)){ ?>

It should be AND not OR for this compare.

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To add some detail to Shazzad's answer: Because you're using || (OR) isntead of && (AND), the conditional you have set up is TRUE if 'get_the_ID' is not 50 and also if it's not 317. Since 50 != 317, any value at all — including 50 and 317 — will return true. – Griffin Dec 13 '13 at 18:43

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