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Is it possible to remove scripts that are loaded in the footer in wordpress? I currently have the code that works for scripts but only for the one's that are added in the header via wp_enqueue_script. What it does is using preg_replace to match all the excluded scripts then replacing it with an empty string.

add_action('wp_head', array($this, 'plug_remove_scripts_start'), 0);
add_action('wp_footer', array($this, 'plug_remove_scripts_end'), 0);

public function plug_remove_scripts_start(){
  function remove_scripts($buffer){
   script for altering the buffer to remove the scripts
    return $buffer;

public function plug_remove_scripts_end(){

I already tried to change the wp_footer action hook into the following but it doesn't work:

  • loop start
  • plugins_loaded
  • shutdown

The script that I'm trying to target is right below the closing </footer> tag.

I've already considered using wp_dequeue_script under the wp_footer action. That would also work but I need to support those guys which aren't adding scripts and styles properly and simply pasting something like:

<script src="http://somesite.com/wp-content/js/somescript.js"></script>

Any ideas? If you know any plugin that already does this job (removing scripts that are loaded from a theme, plugin or widget) it would be great as well. Thanks in advance!

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