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I have a theme which is using a custom framework to create custom post types, I want to extend it in child theme so that I will use the same methods to create a new custom post type in child theme. I cannot write custom code I must use the original classes to extend the functionality in child theme.

The problem is I am unable to override any of the parent theme framework files. The standard files can be overridden but framework files (in a folder like parenttheme/framework/php/anyfilehere.php) cannot be overridden. I have duplicated the same folder structure and tried to override the file by creating a same name file, but it does not work.

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sounds like you can't achieve what you want by creating a child theme. anyway without showing some code it is unlikely anyone will be able to advice you in a meaningful way. –  Mark Kaplun Dec 4 '13 at 7:56

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