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My Wordpress installation is using two plugins that it cannot see actively require an update. I am using several plugins, but the Stop Spammer Registration plugin and the S2member plugin cannot see that there is an update available to them.

I am using Wordpress version 2.7.1, which I know uses the auto-update feature, but I don't think this has anything to do with my issue. My plugin update process is to first update the plugin on my localhost, then to merge this code into my master branch with GIT. Then I run the updates on live and pull in the new code. This lets me run a series of tests to make sure the new plugin updates will work, but right now, my localhost is not aware that these plugin updates exist. I can see from the Stop Spammer Registration and the S2member sites that there is a new version of each of these plugins. Is there a way to jump start Wordpress so that it knows to look for these plugins? Are these updates just so new that my machine has not checked for them yet today? I want to be able to update these plugins but I'm not sure how to get Wordpress to let me do this.

Thank you to anyone that can help.

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