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I am trying to modify a plugin and in which i require to update a value in wp_options which has multiple values .

My option_name is ws_mem_options

and the

option_value has values such as in format

s:20:"pro_sp_email_subject";s:36:"Thank You! (instructions for access)";s:20:"mem_email_message";s:309:"Thanks %%first_name%%!


Transaction ID: %%txn_id%%
Charges today: $%%amount%%

Your order can be retrieved here:
( link expires in %%sp_access_exp%% )

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Don't Just Watch TV, Participate!";s:120:"mem_coupon_codes";s:66:"CHRISTMAS-25|25%|01/01/2021

how can i add more values to

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Is this value in full? Is it taken from DB directly or some function's output? It looks like multiple serialized values glued together. – Rarst Dec 1 '13 at 14:10

What you are looking at is serialized data-- possibly multiple bits of serialized data as @Rarst noted. The Options API will serialize and unserialize automatically so all you need to do is:

$data = get_option('optionkey');
// $data will be unserialized into whatever data type it was originally, object, array, etc
// manipulate your data with ordinary PHP object and array techniques



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If you have access to run SQL queries, you can select the option_value you want to change and update it with new option_value by running an SQL query.

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