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I have inherited a pretty jumbled wordpress site. Just recently, my development version of the site has decided it uses some sort of ajax login, which brings up a throbber, then does nothing, after clicking login.

How would I go about finding the source of this problem?

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Ajax login isn't part of wordpress by default, I guess it's a plugin, so deactivate it. Maybe it' part of your theme, then try using the default one for a first test. – ialocin Nov 27 '13 at 23:56
Watch the browser console and the HTTP requests to see what is failing. That should narrow things down. When you have something specific perhaps someone here can help. – s_ha_dum Nov 28 '13 at 0:27

I used firebug to investigate the throbber image and noticed that one of the classes mentioned contact-form-7, so I disabled that plugin. If the name of the plugin wasn't obvious I guess I could have searched for a file containing the alt text "Sending ..." and seen which plugin folder it was from.

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