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While trying to configure Jetpack, I noticed that the Publicize feature was not working as intended.

I managed to connect to my WordPress.com account, and to use the Sharing options to connect with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

However there were severe problems with that settings page. First, it doesn't display the Google+ profile section - just the text "Connect your WordPress account to Google+ to add this blog to your Google+ profile and improve the visibility of your blog posts on Google." - which I suppose would be replaced with a Google+ button if Publicize was functioning correctly.

The most annoying part is that I cannot configure my sharing buttons. The buttons display just text ("Email" etc) - but no icon to the left of the text - and it is impossible to drag these buttons (when trying to drag, the text on the buttons is simply highlighted)!

The text below reads "Sharing is off. Add services above to enable." but I cannot add the services because I cannot move the buttons. You can see how it looks here:

enter image description here

Also notice that the LinkedIn image is missing.

I suppose that the issue is that my server cannot establish a trusted connection to these services (but Facebook connection and others still work???)

Running Ubuntu 13.10, with apache2 and no SSL for this domain, and WordPress 3.7.1.

How can I fix this?

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The problem was that I had activated adblock on my domain - and I have filters that block most social networking elements!

I've disabled the adblock on yannbane.com and it works now.

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