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I'm using the following code, placed in the functions.php of my theme, to hide certain categories used to organise posts and populate sliders from the posts themselves and their category listings:

function the_category_filter($thelist,$separator=' ') {
 // list the IDs of the categories to exclude
 $exclude = array(1,32,42,4);
 // create an empty array
 $exclude2 = array();

 // loop through the excluded IDs and get their actual names
 foreach($exclude as $c) {
      // store the names in the second array
      $exclude2[] = get_cat_name($c);

 // get the list of categories for the current post     
 $cats = explode($separator,$thelist);
 // create another empty array      
 $newlist = array();

 foreach($cats as $cat) {
      // remove the tags from each category
      $catname = trim(strip_tags($cat));

      // check against the excluded categories

      // if not in that list, add to the new array
      $newlist[] = $cat;
 // return the new, shortened list
 return implode($separator,$newlist);

// add the filter to 'the_category' tag
add_filter('the_category','the_category_filter', 1, 32, 42, 4);

This works well, but it also hides the categories in the post edit backend. I can see the tick box, but the name of the category is hidden.

Can someone suggest a tweak to the above code that preserves its function of hiding categories on the frontend, but keeps categories visible in the post edit window / the WP backend?

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Just don't apply the filter if is_admin().

Unrelated- you should also take a look at add_filter, your arguments are not correct.

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I'm really a beginner. I don't know how to add correctly 'is_admin()' – Ian Douglas Nov 23 '13 at 0:02
If anyone needs a solution, someone on Stackexchange helped resolve it: stackoverflow.com/questions/20180573/… – Ian Douglas Nov 24 '13 at 23:09

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