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I have a custom payment gateway and it is out of theme folder. it's located "/" root..

anyway, I got proper wc variable and completed payment. and then I need to make the status completed.

I have 2 questions,

  1. after payment has been completed, do I just need to update (or change) pending to completed? or do I need to do more things to complete woo commerce payment?

  2. I put these hooks for changing status to "completed". but none of them is working.

         include $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/wp-load.php"; // this is only for out of wp page.
    add_filter ('woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status', 'my_change_status_function');
    function my_change_status_function ($order_id) { 
        global $woocommerce;
    $order = new WC_Order($order_id);
    //Do whatever additional logic you like beforeā€¦.
    return 'completed';
    add_action( 'woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status', 'my_post_order_status_change_function' );
    function mysite_woocommerce_order_status_completed( $order_id ) {
        error_log( "Order complete for order $order_id", 0 );
        echo "heoooooo!!!Order complete for order $order_id";
    add_action( 'woocommerce_payment_complete', 'mysite_woocommerce_order_status_completed' );
    // woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status
    // woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status
    // woocommerce_order_status_completed
    // woocommerce_payment_complete
    add_action( 'woocommerce_order_status_completed', 'my_function' );
     * Do something after WooCommerce sets an order on completed
    function my_function($order_id) {
        echo "aaaaaaaaaaa";
        // order object (optional but handy)
        $order = new WC_Order( $order_id );
        // do some stuff here
    function mysite_woocommerce_payment_complete( $order_id ) {
        error_log( "Payment has been received for order $order_id", 0 );
        echo "ok11";
    add_action( 'woocommerce_payment_complete','mysite_woocommerce_payment_complete' );

None of them is working on the custom payment completed page.

I even tried to put in functions.php or header.php. but nothing changed These are what I have found others blogs. everybody says it works fine.

What I have been missed? any tips?

btw, the status is "pending" now.

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