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I’m new to WordPress. I saw a custom header file in the inc folder of Twenty Twelve theme. I understand that we can use this custom header in any custom page template instead of header.

I have a doubt now, is there any custom footer that also can be used? Why this custom files should be stored in inc folder?

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You can take a look at Custom Headers documentation for information about it.

There is no "custom footer" feature, well because WP only has "custom header" theme feature and it isn't named/scoped to handle arbitrary custom-something.

why this custom files should store in "inc" folder?

This is just an implementation detail of specific theme, it's not required or standardized in WordPress. inc is short for includes and is typical name for folder containing PHP files (other common folder names being php and src).

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thank you... :) – USER5615 Nov 22 '13 at 6:32

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