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I'm working on a theme with some options to change the design. For the options I am using the Theme customizer. With the theme customizer there are many option types like color, upload, image upload, background image and header image. I am adding the background image control with this code:

function tcx_register_theme_customizer( $wp_customize ) {
                    'title'     => 'Advanced Options',
                    'priority'  => 201

                'default'      => '',
                'transport'    => 'postMessage'

            new WP_Customize_Background_Image_Control(
                        'label'    => 'Background Image',
                        'settings' => 'tcx_background_image',
                        'section'  => 'tcx_advanced_options'
add_action( 'customize_register', 'tcx_register_theme_customizer' );

but the control won't be displayed in the Theme Customizer. The same with the header image. 'Image Upload', 'Upload' and all other types like 'text', radio, etc. works fine. I don't want to use it with add_theme_support because i don't want the menu entries under the "Design" section because it can be confusing for the client. (Sry for my bad english :) )

Update: thats the code I am using. New section, new setting and the control for the Wordpress built-in Background Image.

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Post enough code that your problem can replicated please. –  s_ha_dum Nov 20 '13 at 15:16
@s_ha_dum Thats the code I am using. Works with all types of control except Background Image and Header Image. –  Markus Schober Nov 25 '13 at 17:08
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