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I came across your question on creating a new custom field with ACF, to choose from Registered USERs - I think I understood correctly...- and that is exactly what I'm looking for myself (eg.being able to link a registered user (his id...) to the ACF Field Group).

I saw the answer of the contributor to your question, but the bit I am missing and have not managed to do with the ACF Documentation is the actual insertion of the Field itself.. I am rather new to ACF, and wondered if you could show me how you did (1 - create the field, probably as a Choice / Select From the User ID / Names, 2 - list all user to choose from...).

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Thanks a million Ashraf! It was so simple & obvious, am so thick lol ! –  JMB Nov 24 '13 at 9:47
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Creating fields in ACF is relatively simple. Click on the "Custom Fields" link in the back end of your WordPress site and then add a field group. Once you're on the Add Field Group page, add a new field and select User for the Field Type. You can then choose from the various user roles you would like displayed for selection. Choose any role you want or All to have all users available.

The field that you want to create can only select one option by default. To change this, select Multi Select from the second Field Type option.

You'd probably want to limit this custom meta box to either a post type or a specific page so locate the Location box before you save the Field Group. Change the necessary drop down rules and then publish. The meta box will then appear on the editor page based on your selection.

Go to the page and then Cmnd + click (Mac) or Ctrl + click (PC) on the available users in the field to select multiple users if you've selected Multi Select in the previous step.

Outputting your values in the template is explained in the ACF documentation here.

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