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A WordPress site is using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin to show the site's navigation flow. But in some pages it's malfunctioning — showing wrong post title to the breadcrumb. I tried disabling the plugin and used a custom function: Adding WordPress breadcrumbs without a plugin to show breadcrumb. But it's still showing the wrong title on some posts.

I checked the malfunctioning post ID, slug, title, excerpt, URL — everything seems to OK, but the breadcrumb's post title. I drafted (unpublished) the particular post, that's displaying into the breadcrumb's post title - then found that, the breadcrumb is still malfunctioning but this time it's taking another post title of the same category.

I ...
refreshed the browser cache — not worked.
refreshed the permalink — not worked.
changed to permalink from /%post_name%/ to /%post_id%/%post_name%/ — not worked.

I can't figure out what other possibilities there might be that can malfunction the breadcrumb— only the breadcrumb.

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Are there any additional queries happening on the page, perhaps ssomething incorrectly using query_posts? Try wp_reset_query() before breadcrumb output to test. –  Milo Nov 15 '13 at 14:42
That code depends on the $post global which is not entirely reliable outside a proper Loop. I suspect that has something to do with the unexpected behavior. –  s_ha_dum Nov 15 '13 at 15:17

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