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[NOTE: Cross-posted from wordpress.org/support/topic/caption-shortcode-inserts-blank-paragraph to see which site gets a better answer. :]

I am setting up a new blog, no plugins yet. I inserted a photo in to a post, align right, with a caption. When I view the post in The zen light theme or the default theme I get a blank paragraph rendered above the image. Why is that and how can I change that?

See: http://www.the99ers.net/2010/09/hello/

The relevant code reads:

<p><div id="attachment_19"

Basically, I am pretty sure I want to drop the outer <p> and just have the <div> float where it needs to go. Why is it doing what it is doing and how can I make it down what I want? Thanks!

Sincerely, -danny

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Short answer is something got trimmed from the markup inserted in to the post. I switched to the HTML editor, deleted and reinserted the shortcode, and everything looked fine.

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