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I need a way that lets my users register they're weight (kg) and maybe % of bodyfat and save that information on each user in the DB.

Then i need a way to output that number again on the logged in user

What would be the easiest approach to do something like this?

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I feel the best way to do is add two options Body weight and Body fat(%) in the user profile, and then you can show it with the user logged from the db. I guess this would be a simpler way.

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If that's only about storing the current value, then check out update_user_meta and get user meta. But if you want to keep track of older entries, then I think creating new post type (register_post_type) with author_id of the user would be the way to go (each new weight record will be the new post)

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thanks for the great tips, but to save each number as a post is not an option in this case – Demilio Nov 6 '13 at 8:47
Why? You can of course create your own table with these records (user_id, weight, bodyfat, timestamp) and write handlers to write and read these data, but wp_posts functions are very generic and handle these for you. – sebapalus Nov 6 '13 at 8:50

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