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I'm trying to populate a form with an entry to a form with the exact same fields. Dynamic population is allowed. Currently I'm using PHP to just grab all the data like so:

   $lead = RGFormsModel::get_lead( $lead_id ); 
   $form = GFFormsModel::get_form_meta( $lead['form_id'] );  

Then iterating through to get the param names and variables. I'm finding I have to write a lot of 'case specific' code for some form sections (lists and checkboxes).

I'm guessing there is probably an easier way in existence.

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What does Gravity Forms support and documentation say about your request? –  kaiser Nov 3 '13 at 22:31
The documentation doesn't say anything about this in particular. The Support board is not available to me. –  Jon Lachonis Nov 4 '13 at 4:11
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I figured it out. This function will work for all of the input types and assumes that you've passed a form id and entry id.

$form_id = $_GET['form'];
$lead_id = $_GET['entry'];
$lead = RGFormsModel::get_lead( $lead_id ); 
$form = GFFormsModel::get_form_meta( $lead['form_id'] ); 
$keys = array_keys($lead);
$params = array();
for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($keys); ++$i) {

$keysearch = $keys[$i];
$subarray = ff_keysearch($form,'id',$keysearch);
$test =  ff_keysearch($form,'id', intval($keysearch));
$field = FALSE;

if ($test[0]['type'] == "checkbox") { $field = $test[0]['inputName'];  }
    if(!$field) $field = ($subarray[0]['inputName'] ? $subarray[0]['inputName'] : $subarray[0]['name']);
if (($test[0]['type'] == "list")&&($lead[$keys[$i]])) {
    $paramstring = "";
    $decon = unserialize($lead[$keys[$i]]);
    $listkeys = array_keys($decon[0]);
        for ($ctr=0; $ctr<sizeof($listkeys)-1; ++$ctr) {
            foreach ($listkeys as $lkey) {
              $paramstring .=  $decon[$ctr][$lkey];
              if ($lkey != $listkeys[sizeof($listkeys)-1]) {  $paramstring .= "|"; } elseif ($ctr < sizeof($listkeys)-2) {$paramstring .= ",";}

        $params[$field]  = $paramstring;
        if ($lead[$keys[$i]] ) {
    $params[$field] =  $lead[$keys[$i]]; 

gravity_form($form_id, true, true, true,$params, false); 

function ff_keysearch($array, $key, $value)
    $results = array();
    if (is_array($array))
        if (isset($array[$key]) && $array[$key] == $value)
            $results[] = $array;
        foreach ($array as $subarray)
            $results = array_merge($results, ff_keysearch($subarray, $key, $value));
    return $results;
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