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I have a problem with tables into posts, I not able to see all the data in the tables on wptouch mobile theme, because they are truncated on the right on mobile screen.

Plugin used: WPTouch, CKeditor for tables. But I have the same problem with any tables editor. can you help me ?

It's very hard to have support from Wptouch, and I found this very good website ;).

Here their answer to my problem: Tables often use fixed dimensions. By definition, fixed dimensions override any scaling capabilities of iOS or WPtouch. Choose to use flexible dimensions whenever possible to allow page elements to resize for various mobile screen sizes. If you are unable to change these dimensions at their source, you may add custom styling in the Stats & Custom Code area of your WPtouch admin panel. (In your case, the table widths appear to be set inline). The tool tip there will give you additional information if you want to use a stylesheet otherwise simply include your custom CSS inside style tags.

Could you advice a sample code to add into Stats & Custom Code area of WPtouch panel to to use flexible dimensions ?

I have no idea how change the flexible dimensions at the source and what code I can use in WPtouch.

Thank you very much, looking forward to your reply.

Website page sample with tables: http://gt-scuderia.net/2013/03/27/coppa-gtscuderia-seca-il-02042013/

here one screenshot of my problem:



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Problem .. Solved –  user1738723 Nov 3 '13 at 22:49

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