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I am working in a Child theme on a page with a custom template. That custom template is not displaying any text that I enter into the wordpress editor. How do I "call" that text and display it in my custom template?

Is there something like

<?php get_editor_text(); ?>

I just need a way to display the text inside the editor box on the custom teplate page. How would I accomplish this in wordpress?

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Do you mean the_content(); or some other piece of text? Please provide more information. – GhostToast Oct 31 '13 at 19:22

You do it like in any other template. the_title() for the title, the_content() for the content etc.

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I was able to fix my problem. In order to access the content I used --

<?php /* Start the Loop */ ?>
<?php while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<?php the_content();?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

By adding that snippet of code directly into my template page I was able to easily add the content from the visual editor. I had attempted to use "the_content()" but this was nonfunctional because I was not within the loop.

The loop is an integral part of Wordpress and more information on the Loop can be found at http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop .

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