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Steps for problem reproduction:

  1. Open WordPress Admin Dashboard (I use version 3.7);
  2. Click on Page > Add Page;
  3. On the editor, choose the "HTML" Tab;
  4. Write <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p><br> on the content area;
  5. Choose the "Visual" Tab;
  6. Choose "HTML" Tab back;
  7. The code <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p><br> lost its formatting and appears as:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

How to deactivate this TinyMCE issue to maintain the entirely original formatting? (I'm looking for a solution on JavaScript client-side of the editor)

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Once you save it, the

tags are automatically added to the contents. It only removes it when you have a plain <p>....</p> but if you have <p class='something'>...</p> it would preserve it.

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Hi iSuthan thanks for the answer! Actually, I think this is not a server-side problem, that is, it doesn't matter whether you save the Post/Page or not, for this to happen. The issue seems to be related with the TinyMCE plugin. It seems that it cannot convert Visual to HTML when you switch tabs back. What I want is to totally disable it or fix it in some way. –  João Paulin Oct 29 '13 at 20:39

.3. On the editor, choose the "HTML" Tab;

Which doesn't exist anymore since 3.5 and its name now is "Text". I assume that the reason for the name change was the fact that whatever is the text edited there it will be reformatted and changed by wordpress and do not have to represent the actual HTML which wordpress will output.

In other words, wordpress doesn't have a pure HTML editor therefor your assumption that its "Text" editor behaves like a standalone HTML editor is wrong. "Text" and "Visual" are just different ways to present the content for editing, while the content itself is stored in a format which is not exactly HTML.


.7 The code <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p><br> lost its formatting and appears as:

is a wrong statement as no formatting was lost, it is just that the same information is displayed in a slightly different way.

Now you can ask a new question about the actual thing you are trying to accomplish :)

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