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I have added two custom taxonomies to wordpress media library audio_cats and audio_tags. Using a plugin, I have uploaded some mp3s and have attached to these two taxonomies. My media library structure looks like this

Taxonomy audio_cats has these categories
        --album1 (3songs)
        --album2 (4songs)
        --album3 (1 song)
Taxonomy audio_tags has these tags

what I want is.

  1. index.php -> show all audio_cats (parent only) as a link with total number of child_cats inside and total number to audio assigned to it. For example MJ (3 albums and 8songs) to be shown on MJ cats

  2. taxonomy.php -> When a parent category is clicked, it should take to the page where 1) if there are sub cats assigned, it should list them all otherwise list all the songs assigned to it as a link

  3. attachment.php -> if song name is clicked it runs the player.

  4. audio_tags is displayed as a tag cloud

I hope I make myself clear and anticipate your feedback.


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Please see the help center section on how to ask questions. You are expected to show some research effort. –  helgatheviking Oct 28 '13 at 11:49

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