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I would like to include a "resources" section in a new WordPress site I'm creating. I was looking for a document library plugin for WP, and amazingly, couldn't find anything that would work for the simple task of presenting a list of categories, and then displaying uploaded documents in those categories so they could be downloaded.

I could make a resources list by hand, making all the document links myself. But isn't there a better way? You can't even add categories to media library items. I thought about making a blog post for each document, putting those in categories, and then putting a link to the document in the body. But that seems too complicated as well, and I would have to write a special display page myself.

Anyone have advice about how to build a document library using WordPress?

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I've had this need twice now, it astounds me that there's no plugin to yet do this in WP. – aendrew Sep 26 '11 at 23:04

I use the Media Library Categories plugin to add categories. It does a wonderful job of adding category functionality, but the code could be improved upon and custom implementation requires some knowledge of PHP, as it only provides you with a shortcode and no documentation.

This Question, maybe be able to help you if you choose this solution.

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I'd say that custom post types might be your best solution. Create a custom post type for the documents, then they stay out of your regular blog posts, and you can organize them however you see fit.

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That seems like an excessive amount of work for something that could be accomplished through simply creating a new category... – aendrew Sep 26 '11 at 22:58

A general download manager will do this job quite well; the best I've run across so far is WordPress Download Monitor.

For more options, see: http://www.wpmayor.com/posts/plugin-reviews/best-document-and-file-management-plugins-for-wordpress/

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