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I've just upgraded to 3.7 and one of the features in this release is the automatic application of security releases. However once I upgraded it said

"This site is not able to apply these updates automatically. But we’ll email (my email address) when there is a new security release."

What is it about my site that stops these updates being applied automatically?

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I found the answer here:

  • If the install uses FTP for updates (and prompts for credentials), automatic updates are disabled. (I found this answer which will tell you how to avoid using FTP.)
  • If the install is running as a SVN or GIT checkout, automatic updates are disabled
  • If the constants DISALLOW_FILE_MODS or AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED are defined, automatic updates are disabled
  • If the constant WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE is defined as false, automatic updates are disabled
  • Your WordPress install also needs to be able to contact WordPress.org over HTTPS connections, so your PHP install also needs OpenSSL installed and working
  • Wp-Cron needs to be operational, if for some reason cron fails to work for your install, Automatic Updates will also be unavailable

This plugin will test these things for you.

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