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I have gotten pretty good at creating CPT's for clients sites, but now would like to take it a step further by making them plugins outside of the theme so when/if they decide to change themes it is one less thing I need to think about. Or maybe it is a really well thought out CPT and want to offer it to others to install on their site through the plugin repo.

I was wondering how to do this? I know I need to create the views, but not sure how to register them and make it all come together.

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There are other factors that you'll discover along the way, but basically it boils down to: move all that's CPT related from your theme's functions.php to a plugin file.

Create a PHP file, put the plugin's header information, add to the plugins folder, activate. Now, you separated appearance (theme) from functionality (plugin). Here are two fundamental Q&A's here in WPSE:

And here a related blog post.

You'll find many examples of in the site archives.

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Thank you so much! Great job laying out the resources available! – 465Media Oct 24 '13 at 3:02
I was librarian when young ;) – brasofilo Oct 24 '13 at 3:05

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